Winter Pre-Buy Program

      Starting in the spring, we offer a few prebuy options for our customers choice. Below are details about the options available. Please call the office at 207-864-8008 if you have any questions or would like information on pricing. Payment for quoted upon gallons must be received within 7 days of the verbal agreement for the contract to be valid; otherwise a new price must be negotiated. All overdue balances must be paid before October 31 to receive your contracted pre-bought gallons beginning Nov. 1. Please note the prepaid gallons will be delivered as needed from November 1 until March 31 or until all contracted gallons have been delivered (whichever comes first).
      Without getting too complicated, here are your pre-buy options:
1. Pre-buy all your heating season gallons up front for the best locked-in price.
2. Pre-buy gallons with 50% of all contracted gallons due 7 days after locked in daily price and 50% due when delivered during the heating season.
3. Pre-buy your heating gallons and spread the balance over 8 equal installments to be paid on the first of each month from August through March.
        Very important! This is a binding contract and you will be held to it just as we are to our suppliers. Pre-buying is not necessary and all customers are free to ride the market throughout the winter.  We are always happy to give advice but be aware it is just that. There is a penalty for breaking the contract and that is 20% of unused gallons to help us cover our loss (it's only fair).  If you use less than 50% of your contracted gallons the above penalty will be applied.  If all invoices are not paid on time Blue Flame Gas reserves the right to nullify the contract.  All accounts revert to market price on April 1.  Please call our office for more details and prices! 207-864-8008
Propane Information and Resources

For more good information about propane as your clean fuel of choice click on these resourceful pages: